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Adventure sporting is full of adrenaline rush. Skydiving is also not an exception. When and individual jumps into the air from an air plane and let their body free, they can feel the air gush out of their body and their stomach gets lighten up as they are headed for a free fall to the ground before shooting up their parachutes for a safe landing. Yes, this is full of energy and adventure that one has to experience once if they are willing to and loves to adventure.

Well, Tandem skydive is a kind of skydive where when one is doing the sport is actually tied to a harness along with their tandem instructor. Since the beginning, like jumping from the air plane, till the safe landing, the instructor remains tied to the diver giving those instructions all the way on how to complete the act. That is why; in case of Tandem skydive the diver do not need much instruction as the instructor remains tied to them throughout the jump.

Tandem skydiving is a very popular training method for those who are new to skydiving. This is a bit expensive than a static line skydive or Georgia skydiving. This is a kind which helps the first time divers to do skydiving. The training session has many things which help a lot to any skydiving student. The main things that are included in these sessions are how to exit the airplane, how to do the balance in a freefall, and how to deploy the main canopy themselves. However, the tandem master or the instructor remains primarily responsible for safe and timely parachute opening when one indulges into a dive.

Things to know before indulging into a dive

There are some basic things that one should need to know before they go for their first dive. The primary thing is, a beginner should not be allowed to jump alone. A diver should attended a period of training, that includes practical training where one in will be practicing mock jumps and will be learning theories the class. They should also know the basic things like how to operate and open a parachute and how to land safely after opening the parachute. The main thing that is to be kept in mind that, beginners should not attempt their first jump without the help of an instructor when they are doing the tandem skydiving. They are harnessed together and also use a single parachute when doing the free fall. Slow and soft landing is always important. One cannot thud against the ground and hurt themselves.

In case of Georgia sky dive, one can feel nausea as they get tensed while jumping alone. But in case of Tandem sky dive even if one gets nauseated after the parachute gets opened, there is the instructor to help and hold them back. That is why; this sky diving is safer than the other types of sky diving. It is easy to face if there is any fear when there is someone with you.