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first tandem jump

If you have always dreamed of parachuting from a plane, now is the time to take that first tandem jump. Your first tandem jump will be something that you never forget. If you are a first time jumper you will be securely strapped to an expert in skydiving (tandem certified instructor) and freefall through the clouds from a height of about 13,000 feet. You will spend about 60 seconds freefalling but it will be the most memorable moments of your lifetime.

This is not a sport for everyone, but it is a sport for anyone that wants to challenge themselves and do something that is exciting and that they will never forget. You can do this. It is a life-changing event.

The Basics

To have your first tandem jump Georgia requires that you are at least 18 years of age. You have to weigh under 230 pounds. Weight restrictions are in place to ensure everyone can jump safely. There are a few medical conditions that may or may not prevent you from being a first time jumper.

If you have high blood pressure, it is strongly recommended that you speak to your medical professional before you take the plunge. There are not many health conditions that would exclude you from jumping but if you have a concern you can speak to your doctor beforehand to find out if your condition should.

Getting Ready for the Jump

Before you step into your adventure there are a few things that you should do:

  • Get a good nights sleep so you are well-rested and ready
  • Eat a light breakfast
  • Wear comfortable clothes like sweat pants and a sweatshirt
  • Do a little research about the drop zone and the time your adventure will take
  • Relax and mentally prepare

You must be well-rested on the day of your jump because you do not want to miss a thing. A first time tandem jump is exciting and you want to be able to immerse yourself at the moment and remember every detail. A good night’s sleep will make sure that your experience is not “foggy” because of your lack of sleep.

Make Breakfast a Light Affair

The day of your jump is not the time to chow down on a multi-course breakfast. Remember you will be up in a plane that is not very big so it may get a little bumpy. Oatmeal, grits, some toast is a great breakfast for the day of the jump. Keep it light.

Dress for Comfort

Dress comfortably. Dress in thin layers. If you are offered a jumpsuit, take it. Avoid clothing that is too loose. It gets chilly at 13,000 feet.

Knowledge Can Be Calming

Ask questions about the drop zone timing. If you know what to expect it can keep nervousness down and help to build confidence.

Take a Deep Breath and Prepare

The first time doing anything can be a little nerve-racking. Mentally prepare for your first tandem jump and relax. This is going to be the best day ever.

Be sure to opt-in for the video and photos so you have the proof you need when your friends and family refuse to believe that you took that leap out of a plane!